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Established in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 2006, Miotti Consulting draws from the experience and international reputation built over three decades by its founders, Roberto and Giuliana Miotti.

Depicted above is
the three-pocket, 560 mm face width, 1 300 mm diameter hydraulic stone grinder that was installed in the Kermandie Experimental Pulp and Paper Mill in Port Huon, Tasmania, Australia in 1928.  Here it was used to demonstrate, for the first time, that mechanical pulp suitable for the manufacture of newsprint and other grades of paper could be made from Eucalyptus regnans (swamp gum).

A shipment of mechanical pulp made on this grinder from Eucalyptus regnans by the Derwent Valley Paper Co. Pty Ltd was successfully converted into commercial newsprint in 1934 at the Ocean Falls Paper Mill in British Columbia, Canada.

This grinder used to be displayed near the gate of the Norske Skog pulp and paper mill at Boyer, Tasmania, Australia.

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